Imitation Chalcedony
06:00 to 08:30
$ 30

Imitation Chalcedony:  Druzy fans, here’s your chance to imitate this gorgeous – and expensive!- translucent layered mineral with the subtle sparkle we all adore.

Instructor: Beth Curran

Length: 3 hrs.

Level: 1

Time & Date: Monday, January 21, 2019  6:00-8:30

Supplies:   Materials:  Three block s of Premo translucent and one block of Premo white.

                       Tools:  Bring a polymer clay blade (not the Studio by Sculpey kind that comes with detachable plastic handles), and X-Acto knife, and a smooth glass or tile worksurface. If you already have one, bring your pasta machine and your acrylic roller – I will bring some to share.     

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